It's difficult to turn a visual art into a written artist statement—but I'll give it a try. I've always wanted to be an matter what job title I've held in life—on forms requiring an "occupation" I always filled in "artist". I don't know why...I just did. I enjoy creating something that transports the viewer to someplace better. It's the "feel good" factor I'm trying to imbed into my work. After all...don't we all search to be happier? We may all take different paths, but I feel there is an innate need to be happier than we are right now. For me, nature seems to always take me to a better place, so that's where I head when I'm feeling creative. Sometimes it's not enough just to view a framed painting hanging on the wall. I want the viewer actually to be "in" the painting, and that's why I have been directing my artistic efforts to large-scale murals. Maybe...just maybe...(if I do it right) the viewer will be immersed in the environment and forget for just a moment where they really are and be in a better place.

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